Trinidad and Tobago the most thrilling bird-watching and nature adventure destination in the Caribbean – bar none!

Trinidad and Tobago is a very good choice for amateur and avid Bird-watchers, amateur and professional nature photographers and nature adventure seekers. Combined, Trinidad and Tobago comprise 1,700 square miles of amazing biodiversity and ecosystems that include, montane rainforest, mangrove and herbaceous swamps, rivers, lakes, savannahs, coastlands and coral reefs.

There is an extremely impressive list of flora and fauna to be found in these unique emerald islands, including 467 bird species and counting, more than 620 Butterfly species, 108 recorded mammals (57 of which are Bats), 70 reptile species, endless insect species and a very generous variety of marine species too.

One of the most unique and alluring features of Trinidad and Tobago is the easy accessibility to a wide variety of habitats and exotic species of flora and fauna. Two of the primary, must-see, world- target species can be found on these islands; they are the giant Leatherback Turtle and the national bird of Trinidad, the Scarlet Ibis.

There are a number of endemic species to be found here and one can also discover countless other significant species, without having to resort to hours and hours of driving through extremely rugged and uncomfortable terrain, as is necessary in many other countries in the region. There are breathtaking vistas around a number of small to tiny islands that support a unique diversity of flora and fauna, worth exploring and yielding surprising rewards.

Ecotourism is the fastest growing sector within the tourism industry and Trinidad and Tobago has long been quietly heralded as the ultimate eco-vacation destination – affordable, picturesque, accessible, friendly and colorful in nature, culture, heritage, arts and history.

It is no wonder that I have chosen Trinidad and Tobago as the base of operation for my very rewarding career as a professional wildlife Photographer/Naturalist and Nature Guide. It is a joy for me to showcase my country and highlight all of the amazing thrills and sights that it has to offer. Widely travelled, I can state with authority that the islands of Trinidad and Tobago are very competitive and a bargain for your eco- vacation!

Why don’t you contact me for a different kind of vacation, tell me your requirements, let me be your guide and chaperone and tailor- make an adventure and a rewarding itinerary for you in these magical islands?

You’ll concede in the end that it was worth your consideration – hands down!

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